John’s Mission

Courage and Triumph. No Limits. Motivational speaker

Motivational Speaker

John’s mission is to pursue what he values in life and empower his audiences to do the same. As an inspirational speaker, John challenges his audiences to overcome their obstacles and meet their goals. John has shared his inspirational message with thousands of people across the country. His motivational story empowers people to change their […]

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Why Work With John?

Empowering, Inspirational and Motivational. Inspirational conference speaker

Inspirational Speaker

Are you a meeting planner trying to book an inspirational speaker, motivational speaker, celebrity speaker, keynote speaker, or leadership speaker for your next event? Before you choose your motivational speaker, consider what type of experience you are looking for. John and his team are committed to making this process the easiest it can be for […]

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See John In Action

Events, Competitions and More. Motivational conference speaker

Motivational Conference Speaker

Are you looking for motivation? Need some inspiration to make a change? Everyone has “fallen,” it is an inevitable aspect of life. These are the times that make you question whether or not to take the easy way out. Allow John to inspire you and your team. Allow him to challenge you to stay motivated […]

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John’s Value Proposition To Prospective Clients

  • Inspiration & Motivation

    John’s story of beating an extremely rare bacterial infection comes from his uplifting perspective and endears itself to audiences not because John lived through it, but because he is living. John spent months battling to regain his independence and continues to fight every day to maintain it. His program gives audiences a prime example of how to overcome adversity and achieve unimaginable results. He will challenge your audience to challenge their status-quo, so they too can achieve more than they ever thought possible.

  • More Than An Inspirational Speaker

    John’s brush with life and death has played a major role in shaping the person he is today. But, there are equally important experiences in John’s life that will allow him to make your event unforgettable. John actively gives back to the community through his own scholarship fund and organizations he is affiliated with. He has worked in the fields of research, sales, education and advanced analytics. John is an MBA graduate from the University of Connecticut with a concentration in management consulting. These experiences translate into John having the ability to effectively communicate detailed information in an audience friendly and entertaining manner. John “practices what he preaches” because he continues to challenge himself by increasing his skill set.

  • Connection With Your Audience

    People want to feel understood. John speaks directly with event planners before every meeting. He will make sure that he knows exactly what the goal is of your event. He also wants to know details about your audience, what their challenges are and what their goals are. With a complete understanding of your goals for the event and additional information about your audience, John can provide his inspirational message with a personal touch.

  • Proven Expert Inspirational Speaker

    Your event deserves more than an expert; it needs an expert inspirational speaker. John started his career as an inspirational speaker at 18 years old. He has connected with audiences of all demographics. He has given keynotes to CEO’s, managers, sales representatives, coaches, athletes, doctors, nurses, physical therapist, associations, government officials, teachers, students and veterans all over the country. He has worked with event planners that needed a motivational speaker at the last minute, meetings that had a change in venue and events that had technological/AV problems. John’s story has touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of people and his years of experience as an inspirational speaker can make you feel confident in his ability to do a great job.

  • Customized Programs

    The best inspirational speakers realize that each group is unique. While John uses his signature story to provide an inspirational message, he tailors every program to the needs of the client. He will perform his own due diligence and communicate with you until he has a clear understanding of your needs.

  • Easiest Inspirational Speaker To Work With

    John makes this entire experience about your needs. He will work with your organization on budget, message and any logistics to make this process as seamless as possible. John is a firm believer in doing everything necessary to make your life easier and your event a hit. Call John about your upcoming event and see why many others booked him to provide his inspirational message.

John’s goal is to inspire and motivate your audience to pursue what they value in life. Regardless of your audience’s demographic, John will connect with them because he speaks to them from his heart. Great motivational speakers leave a lasting impression on your audience and empower them to make positive changes in their lives. Audiences know when a speaker is genuine, audiences feel the difference when a connection is made and audiences perform when they are inspired. (Read John’s Testimonials)

John’s Value Proposition To Prospective Clients