3 Tips to help you hire the best inspirational speaker

When businesses, universities, and other organizations seek out experts to motivate their team, there are three important factors to consider when hiring a professional inspirational speaker for your next event.

1) Find out what makes the inspirational speaker an expert.

This seems obvious, but the internet provides various platforms that make it easy to create content and access information. Take time to learn more about a speaker’s background to understand why they are qualified as an expert. Go an extra step further and give a speaker you are interested in a call. Many speakers have no problem making time to talk with meeting planners about their qualifications.

2) Make sure the inspirational speaker can align the goals of your meeting with their expertise.

Nothing can kill the atmosphere at an event quicker than an inspirational speaker that can’t relate to your team. Once you have selected your speaker, I highly recommend that you have another conversation before your event so that the speaker can gain insight into your team’s current situation. A speaker that can establish a bond with an audience from the platform will be better suited to motivate your team and provide a message that not only resonates, but leaves a lasting impression.

3) Work with an inspirational speaker you can trust.

Many speakers gain opportunities from word of mouth referrals or through agents from speakers bureaus. Whichever route you are more comfortable with is fine as long as you perform your due diligence. Yes, meeting planners have exhaustive lists of tasks that need to be executed to make their events successful, but a speaker can make or break your event. Like any relationship, it is important to work with someone you trust.

So, there you have it. Three quick tips to help you hire the best inspirational speaker for your event.