How to become an inspirational leader

Inspiration is a very powerful thing. Inspirational leaders have distinctive capabilities, which allow them to produce results that far exceed others. They can engage, empower and influence the people they interact with and are connected to. Naturally being this type of leader is rare. But, there are actions you can take to become an inspirational leader.

  • Acting on what inspires you is necessary to inspiring those around you.
  • Many “leaders” look for ways to inspire their team, but do not act on what actually inspires them. Your actions are a direct reflection of who you are. So be sure to consider your actions and your words because people are always watching you. There is no better way to lead a team than by example.

  • Communicate a clear vision and action plan to your team.
  • A leader should exude confidence and claim control. In order to do so, a leader must be able to tell their team exactly what their goal/mission/purpose is. While having this clear vision is necessary, an action plan needs to be in place too. A team will look to you for guidance and direction on how to meet the goal. Your team can sense your confidence or lack thereof. When you carry yourself confidently, have a long-term target with the necessary steps to get there, you will gain your team’s trust more easily.

  • Make sure your team understands the importance of their work.
  • People perform best when they work with purpose. In general, a clear sense of purpose is inspiring. We can apply this in a team setting and on an individual basis. When you have a team that shares the same values and understands the importance and purpose of a goal, that team will perform better. In some cases, a particular purpose that inspires you may not inspire another team member. When this happens, try to understand that team member’s perspective. It will help you connectthe purpose of your goal in a way that can empower them.

    The ability to inspire others is a key attribute of true leaders. Make these tips above a habit and you will be well on your way to becoming an inspirational leader.