The Inspirational Leadership Checklist: Part 1

The best leaders establish a working environment where their people value themselves and all the others they interact with. Everyone must understand the value they add to the team’s performance and the difference they make. This type of culture will help build a team that is committed to higher standards and ensure that everyone strives to perform better.
A motivated and inspired team is necessary for internal peak performance and to outperform its competitors. But, understanding how to motivate, inspire and lead your team in a way that yields results is easier said than done. So, how can you improve your ability to motivate, inspire and lead your team to increase performance?
There is a misconception that an inspirational leader has to bean outgoing and charismaticperson, but don’t worry if that doesn’t represent you. Looking at leadership across the board, you will find a wide range of personality types that have successfully helped their teams achieve great results. What is important are the common characteristics of leaders that can motivate and inspire their team:

Focused On Strategy
Leaders ensure that their team’s actions align with its distinctive competency. Any and all resources available go where maximum value can be added. This really means that a leader can recognize and properly use what its team does better than its competitors to gain an advantage.By showing your team that you have a specific plan that fits with their strengths, you will gain your team’s support and be able to successfully motivate and inspire them.

Effective Communicator
An inspirational leader has a very strong vision and knows where the team should be going. Like their focused strategy, they are able to tell the team their vision, which fits its team’s strengths. Each team member knows where they fit into the vision and how it will drive the team to greater performance. An inspirational leader is confident in their guidance and can clearly communicate the impact of their team’s actions.

Inspirational leaders are committed to a strong set of values built on honesty, transparency and respect for their people.They demand more of themselves and their people because they believe in themselves and their team’s ability to perform without cutting any corners.

Stay tuned for part 2 where you can learn more of the characteristics that make someone an inspirational leader. Remember, an inspirational leader does more than manage their team; they motivate and drive them toward better performance.