The Inspirational Leadership Checklist: Part 2

A leaderis someone that a team can look to for guidance and trust that they are going to be driven in the right direction. establish a working environment where their people value themselves and all the others they interact with. Everyone must understand the value they add to the team’s performance and the difference they make. This type of culture will help build a team that is committed to higher standards and ensure that everyone strives to perform better.

Reflective Growers
An inspirational leader grows and learns from their past experiences. Their perspective remains positive at all times. They can do this because they understand that there is a lesson to learn from each experience, good or bad. They can reflect on the past and be constructively self-critical. Inspirational leaders know that holding themselves accountable and taking corrective action will lead to better outcomes.

Change Agents
An inspirational leader knows they must anticipate future changes and adapt to change as it comes. No one has a crystal ball, so any expectation of being able to predict the future is unrealistic. In more cases than not there is enough evidence that an inspirational leader can leverage to make logical decisions about which direction their team should go. They also motivate their team to not stay stuck in the past such as holding on to old practices and allow them to challenge the status quo for future improvement.

Inspirational leaders are committed to a strong set of values built on honesty, transparency and respect for their people.They demand more of themselves and their people because they believe in themselves and their team’s ability to perform without cutting any corners.