John’s Story

An inspirational story of courage and determination.

On August 22nd, 2004 at the age of 17 John was diagnosed with an extremely rare bacterial infection. It would change his life forever. With only 35 patients recorded in medical history contracting the disease, John’s fate was dire. Doctors were left with no choice but to amputate his legs and left bicep the night he was diagnosed. John was only given a 20% chance to live, but he survived the effects of the devastating infection.

A mere 5 years after being told by medical and prosthetic professionals that he would never walk again, John is the first and only person in history to run and complete a marathon with no legs.

Through rigorous workouts John was able to compete in triathlons, road races, and cycling events. John is a cum laude graduate of Fairfield University. During John’s time at Fairfield University, he became the first person in history to run and complete a 5k and 10k road race with no legs. Taking it a step further, John made history running the 26.2 mile New York City marathon on November 1, 2009.

John’s background is in sales and consulting through strategy driven data analysis for a global company. John is an MBA graduate from the University of Connecticut. For years, John has spoken to audiences about overcoming adversity, building a positive attitude and turning it into positive actions, leadership, and teamwork. As an inspirational speaker he empowers audiences with his story. He challenges them to reach their goals, raise their personal standards, and expect more out of themselves because he has shown time and time again that anything is possible. From corporate clients to educational institutions John has shown that “How far you fall doesn’t determine who you are, it’s how hard you work to get back up.”