Mission & Values

John Tartaglio is a professional motivational speaker that has the power to change peoples’ lives with his story. His story of determination, self-motivation and perseverance when the odds were stacked against him focuses on empowering audiences to find their own inner strength and overcome their own struggles and challenges. John’s courage and triumph over his “disability” is humbling to many, but to him, he is merely living his life on his own terms. He is just like anyone else.

Every day, everyone encounters some type of adversity, big or small. How people deal with adversity can make a huge difference in how they act, communicate and perform. To help audiences overcome adversity and perform to the best of their ability, John shares his life’s experiences in an easily relatable format to convey his powerful message. While his audiences have diverse backgrounds and experiences of their own, John’s story provides a timeless message that resonates with them. He inspires audiences to challenge themselves, to have long term goals that align with what they value and to focus their actions towards meeting these goals.



John’s mission is to pursue what he values in life and empower audiences to do the same. He strives to help people understand that when they integrate their values into each aspect of their lives that they can accomplish anything they want. He has been blessed to share his story with millions of people worldwide and continues to inspire and motivate others to expect the best out of themselves.



Empowerment, Inspiration and Motivation- John wants people to know that they can achieve more, perform better and live a more fulfilling life on their own terms.

Service Excellence- It is important that each meeting planner feels as if a weight has been lifted off of their shoulders. John understands the stress that comes along with planning an event, so he is committed to making the experience as easy as possible.

Performance Excellence- John’s goal is to exceed the expectations of every meeting planner and audience that he works with. While positive feedback is important, John really wants to help people make positive changes in their perspectives and lives.

Integrity- John knows the importance of doing business with someone you can trust. He is an honest person and businessman, so his actions reflect his words. He understands that transparency and truthfulness are the foundation of a long lasting relationship.