Are you an inspirational leader?

At some point, every leader will come across an underperforming team. So, when can you expect them to perform at their highest levels and how can you help them change? The first step to build a high performing team is having each member know that you believe in their ability.

When I was hospitalized with a rare infection, a major turning point occurred when my doctor and his team came in to check on me. I had just become an amputee overnight. I was afraid of the uncertainty that surrounded me. I had no clue if I would be alone, if I would lose my independence, or what life was like for someone in my position. The doctor entered the room and began looking at my healing wounds. He turned his head to look at me and with a grin on his face said, “Now I have to go see patients that are actually sick.” This simple statement had shifted what I thought about myself and what the future had in store for me. I finally knew I was going to live and that now, I could begin living. I will never know if he will realized the gravity of his words. I don’t know if he was even purposely trying to inspire me, but the bottom line was that it worked. So, how can you provide inspiration to your team?

• Set aside time to think about why you believe in your team.The best way to empower someone is to speak to them from the heart. People need to know why they are valuable and hearing it will supply long lasting inspiration.

• Take a moment to speak to each member of your team individually.Some people do not like public recognition, so this is your chance to tell them something with a personal touch. How you approach your team is a judgment call, but hearing why you believe in them will be inspirational.

• Look them in the eyes when you tell them. When you speak to someone and share something that you have the utmost confidence in, you can hold eye contact for a longer period of time. This body language will convey to your team member that what you are saying is genuine and will help you build a trusting relationship.

One of the most powerful dynamics of a high performing team is a group that believes in one another. This strategy may be simple, but it is effective. You can apply it right now. What are you waiting for? Start thinking about why you believe in your team and be their inspiration.

John Tartaglio is a professional motivational and inspirational speaker that empowers audiences to overcome adversity. John is a MBA candidate at the University of Connecticut and the first person in history to run a marathon with no legs. His mission is to inspire audiences to pursue what they value in life.